Where Burton Green excels is in meeting the needs of your office with outstanding creative design. Whilst other interior design companies may simply focus on utility or aesthetics, we deliver a fully comprehensive service that meets all your expectations.

Office design is fundamentally about your space working for you both now and with regard to future expansion. Understanding the growth and progress of your business and the demands this is likely to place on your furniture and fittings is essential to creating the right result.

One of the most essential components of this service is examining the ordinary facilities and function of your space. In the first instance our design has to meet with the day to day operation of your business and then design and colour is the following step that’s always lead by your needs.

To help you achieve your health and safety requirements, we are adept at selecting products and furniture that meet commercial standards. Your office space should be easy to clean, hard-wearing and design items should come with long warranties and guarantees, giving you an office space built to last for years to come.