Working with Syngenta is an excellent example of my versatility in working with clients on projects of all sizes, from comprehensive interior design delivery to the sourcing of a single product.

In 2011, in my capacity as Senior Design Consultant with Baron Design in Cambridge, Syngenta needed help to breathe new life into their reception area. The existing desk was a straight unit which didn’t suit the needs of the reception staff. The brief was to design a desk suitable for two receptionists and to create a more welcoming feel to the hub of their office environment.

The brief was achieved by designing a bespoke, curved reception desk that incorporated hidden storage, giving the desk a minimalist and clean look. In addition, it was essential that the new desk worked well with the existing colour scheme, incorporating the client logo as an added feature.

Particular challenges for this project were working within the existing footprint of the reception area, with a view of retaining enough space between a fixed glazed screen behind the new desk to allow a fully functional space for the receptionists whilst also providing enough space for a waiting area for visitors. In addition, the removal of a high counter behind the reception was also necessary, unavoidably damaging the wall graphic and requiring the implementation of a new graphic to match the image that was there, as well as changing the loose furniture layout to work with the modifications completed.