Club Cafe

This project was undertaken in 2006/7, in my capacity as Senior Design Consultant with Baron Design in Cambridge. The aim was to transform a new, but empty retail unit on the busy Hills Road in Cambridge into a thriving café.

The project presented multiple challenges, not least of which was the size of the premises. It was essential to include all the facilities required for this type of business, including storage units, a wash-up area, WC facilities, food prep, main servery counter and seating for clients in an extremely small unit.

In addition to this, when the unit was purchased, it was nothing more than an empty shell offering only the very basic amenities of mains electricity and water. Additionally the clients had an extremely small budget, putting pressure on maximizing the available spend.

However, by working hand-in-hand with the client and my established suppliers, I was able to deliver a comprehensive solution for the entire fit-out, including suspended ceilings, flooring, lining out walls, front entrance glazing, mechanical and electrical supplies and bespoke joinery and furniture. I designed everything from menu boards and display shelving for the retail and food items, through to the main counter, giving Club Café its truly unique look and finish.