Archant External Signage

Following a competitive tender process, Archant appointed Burton Green to install new external signage to Prospect House, its business headquarters in the centre of Norwich.

Prospect House was commissioned and built by Eastern Counties Newspapers Ltd; a Norwich based newspaper company. Over a number of years the company has evolved into the nation’s leading independent regional multimedia publisher. To reflect this change, Eastern Counties Newspapers Ltd changed to Archant, and the proposed changes to signage needed to reflect the ongoing evolution of the building from being a local newspaper’s office to operating as headquarters for a nationally recognised organisation.

The proposed changes to signage implemented a balanced response to the company’s evolution, which   retained the essential character of the building, whilst reflecting the branding of the multi-media publisher.

Prospect House is within the conservation area of Norwich and the proposed changes to the external signage had to be approved by the local authority planning department. Burton Green liaised closely with the appropriate council departments to ensure that Archant’s aspirations were not only met but that the proposals satisfied the local authority. Some compromises were made during the planning process, but the end result satisfied all parties. Now many people who have viewed the rebranding have commented positively about the visual impact of the signage.

“At Archant, we have worked with Emma for the last nine years. We value greatly her creativity, her ability to deliver and to bring projects in on budget.”

Brian McCarthy, Finance Director, Archant